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Yokohama Christ Church

Reflections on the Stations of the Cross 

Dear All,

Today we celebrate Good Friday. Good Friday is the day Christians commemorate Jesus' Passion, crucifixion, and death. Traditionally, the events of Good Friday are commemorated in the Stations of the Cross. 

The Stations of the Cross have formed part of Christian devotion at Passiontide for many centuries because they enable us to engage actively with the path of suffering walked by Jesus. They originated when early Christians visited Jerusalem and wanted to follow literally in the footsteps of Jesus, tracing the path from Pilate's house to Calvary. They would pause for prayer and devotion at various points. Eventually those pilgrims brought the practice back to their home countries and ever since then Christians of differing traditions have used this form of devotion.  

We would like to suggest to use the Reflections on the Stations of the Cross as a replacement for the Good Friday liturgy April 10th as follows: 

1. Please use a sheet titled "Reflections on the Stations of the Cross" attached.  

2. Regarding Music, please refer to Hymn "On a Hill Far Away" with a separate sheet for the words attached. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all wherever you may be at this difficult time.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Prayers and peace