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Yokohama Christ Church


Dear all, hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. I'd like to update you by sharing a recent letter received from the Bishop of the Diocese of Yokohama. Please see the attached both in English and in Japanese. Sadly, but to be expected under the circumstances, we learn that all worship services in Kanagawa Prefecture and the northern and eastern areas of Chiba (excluding the Mobara area) are to refrain from being held until further notice. This will impact on all services from April 5th, Palm Sunday, extending throughout Holy Week with our Easter Day celebrations at church cancelled. All other areas, including the four churches in the Boso Penisula as well as Mobara, Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture churches may resume worship services. Once our church services resume, and we pray this will be soon, guidelines for practicing safe worship issued by the Diocese will be shared. In the meantime, Fr. Simon, has shared his suggestions for continued home worship during Holy Week. These are as follows:

1. Palm Sunday April 5th and Easter Day April 12th.

a) Please use our Morning Prayer Book already sent.

b) Regarding Readings, Prayers of Intercession and the Collect of the Day, please refer to the bulletin together with a Children's worship bulletin that will be sent prior to each service.

c) Regarding Sermons, please refer to Fr Simon's message that will also be sent.

d) Regrading Service Music, please refer to Hymn (mp3/video) with a separate sheet for the words that will, in addition, be sent.   

2. Good Friday

Please use the separate sheet titled "Meditations on the Stations of the Cross" that will be sent in due course. 

If you have any further questions regarding the above, please contact Fr. Simon directly. We continue to pray for all those who have lost their lives and those families who presently are suffering during to lost loved ones due to COVID 19. Our thoughts are steadfast, thinking of all those who continue risking their lives on the front line of emergencies, caring for the sick, the elderly, the vulnerable, those contracting the disease, and we continue to pray for God's help and guidance during these troubled times. Please stay safe and healthy.

Prayers and Peace,

Dennis, People's Warden