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Yokohama Christ Church


Dear YCC family members,

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.Having closely followed the latest announcements of the Government and our Diocese, we are delighted to announce that we are able to restart our church services, the first service commencing on Sunday June 7th. This of course will celebrate Trinity Sunday, the first Sunday after Pentecost. We shall be able to embrace and celebrate the three Persons of God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is a very special time in the liturgical calendar, extending thanks for everything the Trinity has done to save our sins. It will also provide a time for us to share in offering thanks to all those who have devoted their lives in saving other lives during this virus pandemic and to offer our prayers for all those who have passed away as a result of Covid 19  including their bereaved families. We cannot thank enough all those frontline workers throughout the world coping with everyday challenges and suffering, in their efforts towards supporting our daily lives especially those in desperate need. 

As we look forward to June 7th - Trinity Sunday Service, starting at 9:30am. it is requested that YCC congregants observe the following:a) Please check  body temperature before arrival at church. If any signs of high temperature/fever it is requested not to attend the church service. Those at high risk of contracting infection should consider remaining at home for prayer and worship.b) Masks should be worn inside church and, before entering and exiting, hands should be disinfected. Alcohol spray will be provided. Disposable gloves are recommended by the Diocese, however, interpretation suggests this is not a pre-requisite.c) Social distancing should be observed in church. Since we are presently a small congregation, it will be straight forward enough to find seating on alternate rows, sitting at alternate ends of pews or in the middle. Family members in the same household naturally will want to sit together and this of course is perfectly acceptable.d) Passing of the 'Peace' - from a standing position by your seat - no shaking of hands..e) Holy Communion - only bread will be served - collecting with both hands from the Rector. Social distancing should be maintained whilst waiting for and during Holy Communion prior to and at the altar.f) Should anyone fall ill with any symptomatic signs of infection, it is important to contact the Rector immediately.g) Coffee fellowship after church service, Sunday School and Family Worship will not be possible at this present time and all are on hold. h) For those unable to attend service due to travel restriction/circumstances, Fr. Simon will continue to provide a modified shortened version of the present on-line worship, although a sermon on Youtube will not be included.

It is such a relief to be able to restart our church worship. We have waited many weeks for this time to arrive. Sincere thanks are expressed to Fr. Simon for providing us all with home worship during these difficult time. It has been much appreciated. Thank you Fr. Simon and also to Yuka, our musical director for supporting the music ministry during home worship. The virtual Evensong choir singing 'Ubi Caritas' -'Where Charity and Love Prevail' recently sent is testament to Yuka's devotion and commitment. Thanks so much Yuka. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Wherever you may be at this time, do take care and God Bless. Prayers and Peace.

The YCC Vestry.