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Fr. Simon Ro

Rector of the Yokohama Christ Church

Welcome! I am Simon Ro, Rector of Yokohama Christ Church. I am so glad that you are exploring our homepage. Yokohama Christ Church is an English speaking Anglican/Episcopal congregation within the Yokohama diocese of the Anglican Church in Japan. We are claiming our identity as a warm, welcoming and diverse faith community, embracing differences just as Christ embraces and accepts all of us. So whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. I hope that you will join us in sharing the love and grace of God through worship and fellowship.

Fr. Daniel Takeuchi

Rector of the Japanese Congregation

Japanese website: CLICK HERE


Dennis Stanworth

People's Warden
As the people's warden, I offer a sincere welcome and greetings to all our readers at the same time extending a very warm invitation to you all to join our English speaking worshippers at Yokohama Christ Church. We are a relatively small congregation but one that provides friendship and a family environment. Our church welcomes everyone of all ages young and old and of all faiths. It is a privilege to serve as a warden and I am always happy to respond to enquiries. I hope you enjoy reading our website and hopefully it may provide some interest in joining our church.

Lisa Bond

Priest's Warden

Welcome to Yokohama Christ Church’s homepage. As the Priest’s Warden, I support our Rector as he answers the call to serve and minister to seafarers coming to the Port of Yokohama as a part of the Mission to Seafarers ministry as well as to serve the Yokohama Christ Church community. Yokohama Christ Church is a warm and welcoming community, whose members are from all over the world and all parts of Yokohama and its surrounding areas. Our inter-generational community joins together for worship and fellowship on Sundays and at various times throughout the year. This homepage provides up-to-date information on our activities and service times, and I pray that you may find time to join us and experience the comfort, joy and blessings the Yokohama Christ Church community has to offer.      

Hideyuki Yamamoto & Noriko Hasegawa

YCC Liaison team

クライストチャーチ にお越しのみなさまを私たち渉外チームも温かく歓迎いたします。英語を話すクライストチャーチメンバーと聖堂を共有する日本語主体の横浜山手聖公会との間で、連絡および協力支援を行います。クライストチャーチの礼拝はすべて英語ですが、毎週日曜の式の主要部分の和訳を用意しております。英語を話すオープンで和やかな環境を横浜でお探しであれば、横浜クライストチャーチにお越しください。心から歓迎いたします。日本語でのお問い合わせはこちら